Dr Michael Weiner wins CiteAb’s 2019 Lifetime achievement award

We are pleased to announce that Dr Michael Weiner, Abcam’s Vice President of Molecular Sciences, is the winner of CiteAb’s 2019 Lifetime achievement award. The award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the research reagent industry over a sustained period of time.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “Dr Weiner has a remarkable portfolio of achievements that have furthered our sector significantly throughout his career to date. Our judges were extremely impressed by the breadth of Dr Weiner’s impact and efforts and we feel he’s a very worthy recipient of this esteemed award. Our team wishes Dr Weiner and Abcam many congratulations.”

Dr Weiner said: “I’m grateful and honored to win this award. Delivering research with practical utility for bench scientists has always been my life’s goal and I cannot wait to see where the hard work and innovation of the people at Abcam takes the life sciences next”.

Dr Weiner has delivered several extremely useful and well-received products into the commercial marketplace. He invented the first commercially available means for next-generation DNA sequencing and emulsion PCR (454 Life Sciences, now Roche). The methods have each been cited in over 50,000 scientific articles.

As a serial entrepreneurial scientist, Dr Weiner has successfully founded and sold three companies: Affomix, acquired by Illumina in 2010; GnuBio, acquired by Bio-Rad in 2014; and AxioMx, acquired by Abcam in 2015. His time, innovation, and hard work with these companies have led to many ground-breaking additions to research. Dr Weiner’s additional inventions have also included a bead-based genotyping method, which he pioneered at GlaxoWellcome, (now GlaxoSmithKline) and improved methods for the production of monoclonal antibodies (Affomix) to name just a few.

Beyond his career as a scientist, Dr Weiner, was selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year (2016) for Connecticut by CURE (CURE is Connecticut’s Bioscience Innovation Network). He continues to give time and resources to training and mentoring multiple bioscience professionals throughout his local community of Connecticut.

Abcam was also “highly commended” in several additional categories in the CiteAb awards:

  • Most exciting antibody validation initiative
  • Life science reagent supplier of the year
  • Plant science antibody supplier of the year
  • ELISA kit company of the year