Abcam introduces Alexa Fluor® 680/790 secondary antibodies for fluorescent western blotting

  • New range offers high performance antibodies for more efficient western blotting

Cambridge UK, March 3, 2013: Abcam plc., a global leader in the supply of innovative protein research tools, announced today it has added Alexa Fluor® 680/790 secondary antibodies for fluorescent western blotting to its existing Alexa Fluor conjugated antibody range.

Produced and extensively validated in Abcam laboratories, the F:P ratios of Alexa Fluor 680/790 have been optimised to ensure high quality and performance. The expanding range offers a broad portfolio of labelled secondary antibodies with guaranteed bright staining and low background to meet the different needs of researchers undertaking multi-colour analysis.

“The popularity of fluorescent western blotting is growing and presents many advantages over the traditional method. With no need for film and chemiluminesence, fluorescent western blotting is more convenient and enables greater signal stability and the ability to facilitate simultaneous multi-colour analysis on one blot. High performing antibodies are crucial for fluorescent western blotting and we’re pleased that our new Alexa Fluor680/790 secondary antibodies can support this trend.”

– Brian Carpenter, Product Manager, Secondary Antibodies

Abcam Alexa Fluor secondaries are ideal for scientists undertaking multi-colour staining from all research backgrounds. The addition of these products complements Abcam’s innovative RabMAb® primary products and market leading primary antibody range.

Abcam Alexa Fluor secondaries are supported by expert scientific support, information-rich datasheets, and are available globally with fast delivery either directly through the Abcam website or via one of Abcam’s authorised distributors.

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Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies. Alexa Fluor® dye conjugates contain(s) technology licensed to Abcam by Life Technologies.