Abcam and leading antibody producer collaborate to make 12,000 rabbit polyclonals

As part of its efforts to continue developing the largest online catalogue of the best antibodies in the world, Abcam has entered into an collaborative agreement with a leading antibody producer to make around 12,000 rabbit polyclonals over the next two years.

The agreement builds on an existing partnership deal with this antibody producer to make 3000 rabbit polyclonals to phospho proteins and the matched non-phospho sites over the next five years. The extended collaboration will enable Abcam to add well characterized antibodies to around 12,000 different unmodified proteins to its catalog, significantly extending coverage of the proteome.

Abcam will be working in close collaboration with this trusted antibody producer to ensure that these antibodies are tested extensively and that detailed images and protocols are available to researchers. The collaboration is complementary to the production of antibodies in-house at the recently opened high-throughput production (HTP) laboratory in Cambridge UK, the first antibodies from which will be available for sale later this calendar year.