WuXiDiagnostics and Abcam expand existing collaboration to advance companion diagnostics for cancer therapies


Shanghai, China and Cambridge, UK – 13 December, 2022 – WuXiDiagnostics, an enabling platform company that implements integrated diagnostics and Abcam (AIM:ABC; NASDAQ:ABCM), a global life science company working together with researchers to advance science and enable faster breakthroughs, today announced a new supply and licensing agreement in the area of companion diagnostic reagents to support the development of innovative anti-cancer treatments in China.

The rapid development of targeted cancer immunotherapy in the past decade has accelerated the need for accurate and efficient companion diagnostic tests for biomarker status assessment. At patient selection, the detection of disease-related biomarkers helps to identify individuals that may respond to a certain targeted therapy, thereby supporting safe and effective treatment. During treatment, companion diagnostic tests provide vital pharmacodynamic data on how patients respond.

Building on their existing relationship, this new collaboration leverages Abcam’s industry-leading antibody development capabilities, combined with WuXiDiagnostics’ long-standing research and development expertise in the area of companion diagnostics. The two parties will join forces to comprehensively assist drug development and diagnostic tools, to continue to fuel the growth of the life science industry and enable the faster delivery of positive outcomes for science and health.

Yin Wang, Senior Director of pharma company service and Companion Diagnostics at WuXiDiagnostics, said: “Since its foundation, developing companion diagnostic reagents with pharmaceutical partners has been one of WuXiDiagnostics‘ major strategies. This whole process relies on excellent antibody quality and supply chain stability. I am very happy that WuXiDiagnostics has established a long-term strategic cooperation with Abcam, one of the world’s top antibody manufacturers. Together we are poised to deliver the best solutions for the clinical progression of anti-cancer drugs and the application of precision medicine.”

Emma Sceats, SVP Sales, Service & Business Development at Abcam, said: “I am excited that we are further developing our cooperation with WuXiDiagnostics. With our combined expertise, Abcam and WuXiDiagnostics will enable the biopharma industry to achieve fast advances and develop innovative medicine that has the potential to benefit more people in China.”


About WuXiDiagnostics

Headquartered in Shanghai, WuXiDiagnostics is the first enabling platform company in China to practice integrated diagnostics. The company has a CAP-accredited medical laboratory with full disciplinary qualifications, an ISO 13485 manufacturing quality management system certified global industrialization site in Suzhou, and an innovation program center in Rochester, USA.

Relying on Mayo Clinic’s diagnosis and treatment integration concept and experience together with a multi-platform, multi-omics and clinical data-driven open empowerment platform, WuXiDiagnostics continues to launch innovative diagnostic services and products through algorithm integration and upgrading, accelerating diagnosis and treatment innovation from R&D to application and creating a new win-win industrial ecology.

With its strong medical and commercial resource integration capabilities, WuXiDiagnostics has established a global industrial layout through the “independent research and development + authorized cooperation” model, helping precision diagnosis and treatment, and benefiting more patients and healthy people.

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About Abcam

At Abcam, we believe that the scientific community goes further, faster, when we go there together. And to keep on making ground-breaking discoveries, we need to work together in new ways.

That’s why we’re constantly innovating to help scientists drive their research forward by providing products and solutions that play an essential role in fundamental research, drug discovery, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

We started with a simple mission: to provide the best biological reagents to life scientists worldwide. Today, we help 750,000 researchers in over 130 countries deliver faster breakthroughs in areas like cancer, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and metabolic disorders.

To find out more, visit us at www.abcam.com and corporate.abcam.com.

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