Grand setting for Japanese sub-dealer meetings

  • Events held at the British embassy on Feb 22nd and British Consulate-General on Mar 5th

Sales teams from our seven new Japanese sub-dealers found themselves invited to prestigious venues courtesy of Abcam. Two events were held, one at the British embassy in Tokyo, and one at the British consulate-general in Osaka, to give the sub-dealers an opportunity to learn more about Abcam’s history and the reasons behind our rapid growth. The British embassy (a gift from the Japanese government post Meiji restoration) was in a particularly impressive location. Standing opposite the Imperial Palace in central Tokyo, it made quite a change from the sales teams’ usual destinations!

In Tokyo, the guests were treated to an opening address by the First Secretary Head of Life Sciences, and in Osaka, the Deputy Consul-General. Following this, talks were given on the extensive technical support Abcam offers, including the Abpromise, which the sub-dealers are now able to pass on to their customers. A representative from our marketing team was also present, giving an overview of Abcam’s website, product range and events, along with materials and information specific to the Japanese market.

Molly in Japan