Better antibodies, faster

  • Our new automated storage and retrieval system has many benefits for you…

We have recently implemented a new storage and retrieval system to enable us to further improve the excellent reliability of our antibodies which is the core of our Abpromise. It will also enable us to despatch products faster with greater accuracy, thus enabling us to get more of your purchases out the same-day.

System details
Specifically, the unit is hermetically sealed with an inert atmosphere & maintains a constant temperature environment, ensuring stable storage.

This new system enables us to use even higher-quality microtubes to contain our antibodies which have the added benefit of being 2D barcoded. They are made of highly polished high-density plastic. We also have new boxes to hold these tubes during shipment. We have taken time to design the box to hold combinations of new and existing tubes. Being scientists, we thought that it would be even more helpful if the box could also function as a benchtop mini-rack, so when you receive one of these boxes simply flip the front cover round as far as possible and the box becomes a rack.

As with any liquid product, it’s important to spin / centrifuge upon receipt. We suggest that you follow standard centrifuge procedure for smaller vials and place them within a microcentrifuge tube before centrifuging. We also recommend that you centrifuge at 12k rpm for at least 20 seconds.