New premium-grade bioactive proteins, for drug discovery, development and manufacturing

Abcam’s new premium grade bioactive proteins are highly-active growth factors and cytokines manufactured and designed to meet the specific needs of cell culture, including cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

Sourcing high-quality proteins with batch-to-batch consistency can be a challenge, as endotoxin levels and/or non-native protein conformations and post-translational modifications can affect safety and performance.

Our new premium grade proteins are manufactured in mammalian cell lines under animal-free conditions limiting endotoxins to ultra-low levels (< 5 EU/mg). The use of mammalian cell lines produces proteins with the desired conformation and correct post-translational modifications for optimal bioactivity. They resemble the proteins’ native state, helping to ensure a safe and consistent outcome during drug discovery, development and manufacturing.

Developed by a team of industry-expert protein scientists, each batch is validated using state-of-the-art technology to ensure consistent quality regarding integrity, purity, concentration, mono-dispersity and correct folding.
Abcam can also design, manufacture and validate proteins to custom needs and specifications. As a supplier of proteins for a broad range of applications, Abcam provides a comprehensive range of bioactive and research-grade proteins that enable additional cost-effective quality solutions.

Abcam’s premium grade bioactive proteins deliver:

  • Superb bioactivity
  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels, < 5 EU/mg
  • Native post-translational modifications
  • >95% purity
  • Carrier-free, tag-free
  • Manufactured under ISO9001
  • Batch-to-batch consistency monitored by sophisticated QC addressing identity, integrity, purity, concentration, folding and aggregation using methods like LCMS, light scattering and thermal denaturation
  • Premium protein product certificate of analysis provided

For more information please contact:

Abcam’s External Communications team