Abcam delivers outstanding performance in new Biocompare antibody market report

  • Academic and industry scientists rank Abcam as their Overall Preferred Antibody Supplier
  • Peer recognition of Best Antibody Specificity demonstrates success of Company’s ongoing efforts to help life science industry address global reproducibility crisis

Cambridge, UK, 27 November 2019 – Today, Abcam plc, a global innovator in life science reagents and tools that support research, drug discovery and diagnostics, formally announced that it has received wide-reaching industry recognition as overall market leader, championing scientific reproducibility and exceptional customer service.

Recognition for excellence within specific research categories such as neurobiology, inflammation, infectious disease and stem cells reflect the Company’s focus on addressing the complex needs of disease-specific research. This recognition is based on Biocompare’s Antibody Market Survey & Report, which surveyed over 650 end-users of antibodies and custom antibody services across the life science industry.

Dr John Baker, Senior Vice-President, Product Portfolio and Innovation at Abcam, said: “Selected by scientists, this recognition acknowledges our commitment to high-quality products powering the scientific research that ultimately leads to crucial breakthroughs. The results recognise our relentless focus on providing outstanding technical support and overall customer experience. We collaborate with the life sciences industry to support the discovery and development of tomorrow’s medicines, and this is a testament to our ongoing success.”

The report investigated life scientists’ needs and preferences, information on antibody selection, key applications and purchasing considerations, as well as the impact of the availability of data on antibody validation and reproducibility. The need for improved data continues to dominate as the quality of life sciences reagents, such as antibodies1, is linked to the global reproducibility crisis that has impacted the industry as a whole.

Over the past year Abcam has significantly expanded its in-house platform capabilities, products and services offerings through a series of strategic partnerships and collaborations, including Custom Solutions and Commercial Partnerships. Most recently, Abcam launched the largest portfolio of knockout cell lysates on the market, enabling scientists’ access to “off-the-shelf” products previously unavailable at such a scale.


1. Bradbury A. et al., 2015. Reproducibility: Standardize antibodies used in research. Nature. 518(7537): pp 27-9.