Abcam announces first international Epigenetics conference in South Korea

  • Prominent Epigenetics Expert, Professor Sung Hee Baek to host event

Cambridge, UK, 26 June 2017: Abcam plc, a global leader in the supply of innovative life science reagents and tools today announced its upcoming international conference “Epigenetic Regulatory Pathways”, to be held in Seoul, South Korea, from 26-28 June 2017. Korean and international experts will present their latest research on epigenetic disease pathways, as well as insights on related drug discovery and development.

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms other than those linked to DNA sequence variation. Epigenetic modifications have been linked to a wide range of diseases such as cancer and heart disease, has a direct impact on health outcomes, and is now a critical and influential area of Life Sciences research with the number of scientific publications growing 12.2% per year[1]. The epigenetics market is projected to reach $890 M by 2020[2]

Providing a unique collaborative environment, focused on promoting international networking and facilitating knowledge-sharing, the conference is part of a 30-strong series of global events hosted by Abcam and its research partners. Chaired by Seoul University’s leading Epigenetics researcher, Professor Sung Hee Baek, expert scientists from leading institutions including Harvard University, Seoul National University, the University of Cambridge and A *Star Genome Institute of Singapore, will be discussing their research with over 250 conferees.

In addition to twenty-one presentations, this three-day conference will also feature a scientific poster session, a technical ChIP (Chromatin Precipitation) troubleshooting session, research discussions and networking lunches. The meeting also features a diagnostic- and therapeutics-focused panel discussion, entitled “Trends and future of epigenetics in research and therapy”.

Prof. Sung Hee Baek, Conference Chair, said “A rise in cancer prevalence, improved funding and increased partnerships between academia and industry have propelled Epigenetic research in Korea in recent years. Korea is playing an increasing role in advancing understanding of Epigenetics in human health and disease. There is great potential to provide effective Epigenetic-targeted therapeutics and diagnostics for patients”.

Peter Lee, Regional General Manager at Abcam said “Korea and the Asia-Pacific region are rapidly progressing Life Sciences research, investing in drug discovery and development. Abcam has many strong links with leading researchers and other partners across the region and with this conference we aim to further support accelerated Epigenetics research both locally and globally”.

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